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Heading for a new normal

You will see a few new changes with our website as we move into the new normal.

We will have our credit card system back up and running inside the ordering system so you will be able to pay directly through it, or via internet banking.  You will no longer have to wait for the friendly phone call from Kathy. 😊

Due to more automation of the system – please use the address you wish your vegies to be delivered to as your shipping address – even if it is a drop off point!  This is very important!!

We have hopefully streamlined the freight routes – but we will determine which is the best courier for your order ultimately in the end with your shipping address provided.  If you definitely want a company – just mention in comments.

Great news – we now have AZAP couriers back on deck to get deliveries back up through to Kingston and beyond.

We are looking to get the stall up and running during the week – with contactless systems in place.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during this strange season we have all found ourselves in and we look forward to continuing to supply you with our fantastic produce – either by freight or back through the stall.


The team at Wilsons Vegies