Shipping routes & rates

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We cannot deliver outside the below areas. There are limited courier options and they only do State Highways.

Overnight means from when it leaves us.

All orders must be in by 8pm at night – we will touch base with you re payment and delivery day/time.  We will only be processing credit card orders.

For our local Lochiel / Tussock Creek / Ryal Bush / Wallacetown /Winton /Makarewa customers will be free freight as we will deliver ourselves.  They will be afternoon deliveries.

For outlying Rural customers we will only be covering the State Highway Routes and small towns only.  PLEASE put some thought into your drop off points to make it safe for everyone!

Please note all delivery options have an upper weight limit of 20kg per box. If your box is heavier then 20kg or if your order requires more then one box an extra courier fee will be charged.


  1. Due to reduced courier options we are now unable to deliver north of Lumsden.
  2. Courier:

    Winton – town boundary only and and inside Winton Browns Highway as far as  Norman rd, Substation rd through Lochiel, Tussock Creek, Ryal Bush to Wallacetown and around Lorneville Roundabout – and back through Makarewa   –  Free freight

    Browns is a drop off point – $8/20kg box

    Hedgehope is a drop off point – $8/20kg box   -There is no freight drop offs between or after there.

    Invercargill to Edendale to Wyndam to Mataura to Gore to Riversdale, Balfour, Lumsden, and back (not including Centre Bush) All overnight  $8/ 20 kg box – only drop offs on STATE HIGHWAY or towns

    Centre Bush – $8 /20 kg box – drop off point only – old art gallery opp. The Store  Also including State Highway

     State Highway Only to Riverton and town.  $8 /20 kg box  Overnight

    Wreys Bush 
    Drummond    These are all drop off points only – point still to be confirmed
    Ohai                  Overnight $8 /20 kg box